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  • Video Yale Law School

    Talk: Reparations and Non-State Armed Groups

    In February 2022, Dr Luke Moffett spoke at Yale Law School on some of the project findings on reparations by non-state armed groups. Read the rest →

    Non-State Armed Groups
  • Event 16 March 2021 Redress

    Webinar: The UN Basic Principles at 15 – The Challenges in Practice

    Following on from our December 2020 webinar we held a follow up webinar with practitioners and victims on implementing reparations in practice in transitional societies. Read the rest →

    Sri Lanka AccountabilityBarriersDonors/DevelopmentForm of ReparationHistoric harms/ injusticeNon-State Armed GroupsReconciliationReparationsResponsibilityTransitional JusticeTruth RecoveryVictim ParticipationVictimhood
  • Video Redress

    Webinar: The UN Basic Principles at 15: Reparations at a Crossroads

    To mark the 15th anniversary of the UN Basic Principles on the Right to a Remedy and Reparations, the project team and Redress organised a webinar with some of the key actors. Read the rest →

  • Video Redress

    Webinar: Victim Participation and Reparation at the ICC

    In November 2020 along with Redress and staff at the International Criminal Court members of the RRV team took part in a webinar on the Independent Experts Review of the ICC. Read the rest →

  • Video

    Webinar: Victim Participation and Reparations at the ICC – Assessing the Impact of the IER

    Lorraine Smith van Lin (Tallawah Justice Talks) and Redress organised a webinar to reflect on the victim participation and reparations findings of the Independent Experts Review report with victim lawyers, VPRS and Trust Fund for Victims staff along with Dr Luke Moffett and Dr Sunneva Gilmore. Read the rest →

    International Criminal Justice
  • Event

    Webinar: The UN Basic Principles at 15 – Reparations at a Crossroad

    On the 16th December 2020 we held a webinar to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the UN Basic Principles on a Right to a Remedy and Reparations for Serious Violations of Human Rights and Grave Breaches of International Humanitarian Law. Read the rest →

  • Video

    Webinar video: Reparations and Conflict

    Dr Luke Moffett was invited to give a talk at Anglian Ruskin University on the findings of the project, which was delivered via a webinar and can be watched below. Read the rest →

  • Event 4 March 2020

    Report launch in Universidad de Javeriana, Bogotá

    On 4th March 2020 we launched our report ‘Beyond Silence and Stigma – Crafting a Gender-Sensitive Approach for Victims of Sexual Violence in Domestic Reparation Programmes’ with the report authors at Universidad de Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. Read the rest →

  • Video RRV

    Video: Reparations in Nepal with Ram Bhandari

    We had the pleasure of hosting Ram Bandhari in QUB where after his talk on victims and transitional justice in Nepal sat down and spoke to us about the challenges of reparations in Nepal. Read the rest →

    Nepal AccountabilityAssistance and ReliefCompensationReparationsTransitional Justice
  • Event RRV

    Panel: Reparations and Prevention – Historical Dialogues

    Image  Image

    As part of the Historical Dialogues conference we organised a panel on some of our project findings on the theme of ‘Reparations and Prevention’. Read the rest →

  • Event

    Workshop: New York on Civil Society and Donors on Reparations


    On the 11th December in the Open Society Foundation we held a one day workshop on ‘The Role of Civil Society and Donors in Reparations’ with Redress, ICTJ and IOM, along with other experts. Read the rest →

    Assistance and ReliefDonors/Development
  • Podcast RRV

    LawPod: Non-State Armed Groups, Human Rights and International Law

    Episode 52 - Non-State Armed Groups, Human Rights and International Law

    Dr Katharine Fortin from Utrecht University joined us for a podcast to discuss the role of non-state armed groups in international law and their implications for reparations with Dr Luke Moffett. Read the rest →

    AccountabilityNon-State Armed GroupsAssetsDetentionExileSexual violence/CRSV
  • Event 5 December 2019

    Event: Seizing Assets

    As part of the ICC Assembly of State Parties in the Hague, Redress organised a roundtable on ‘Seizing Illicit Assets for Reparations: Challenges and Opportunities’ – co-hosted by France, Uruguay, and Chile, with participants from the ICC OTP, Registry, Eurojust and Hogan Lovells UK. Read the rest →

    International Criminal JusticeReparationsAssetsTrust Fund
  • Podcast LawPod

    In this LawPod podcast, Dr Luke Moffett joins ASF’s Dr Elisa Novic to discuss victim participation and claims for reparations in domestic international criminal proceedings. Read the rest →

    Central African RepublicUganda Accountability
  • Event 11 April 2019

    Talk by Ram Bhandari

    We had the pleasure of hosting Ram Bhandari from National Network of the Families of the Disappeared and Missing Nepal. Read the rest →

    Nepal Disappearance/Missing
  • Event 5 April 2019

    SLSA Presentations

    On 5th April Dr Luke Moffett and Prof Kieran McEvoy and Dr Anna Bryson presented their research on reparations by non-state armed groups on efforts during conflict and the role of apologies, as part of the 2019 annual conference of the Socio-Legal Studies Association in Leeds, UK. Read the rest →

    ApologyCompensationMeasures of SatisfactionNon-State Armed GroupsAssets
  • Podcast

    LawPod – Campaign for a Pension for Injured Victims

    Students at the School of Law and Mitchell Institute along with members of Wave injured group and Dr Luke Moffett have made a podcast on the ongoing campaign for a pension for injured victims. Read the rest →

    Northern Ireland CompensationHistoric harms/ injusticeSeverely Injured
  • News

    Workshop with the JEP

    On the 28th February 2019 the Reparations, Responsibility and Victimhood team held a joint workshop with the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) on alternative sanctions, victim participation and reparations as part of a broader discussion on the role of restorative justice in transitional contexts. Read the rest →

    Colombia AccountabilityInternational Criminal JusticeResponsibility
  • Video

    The Challenge of Reparation in Uganda: The Mucwini Massacre

    On the 23rd July 2002, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) attacked the Mucwini community, killing 56 people. Read the rest →

    Uganda CompensationRehabilitationReconciliationExtrajudicial Executions/Massacres
  • News

    Study visit and panel with the Special Jurisdiction for Peace: Bogota, Colombia

    Dr Luke Moffett, Dr Cheryl Lawther, Prof Clara Sandoval, and Dr Peter Dixon presented their insights on reparations and alternative sentencing during a a study visit with the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Bogota, Colombia on the 11th of September. Read the rest →

    Colombia AccountabilityInternational Criminal JusticeNon-State Armed GroupsResponsibilityTransitional Justice
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