On the 31st August 2022 we held our final project conference, below are the introductory keynote and four sessions.

Introduction and Welcome – Luke Moffett (QUB)


  • Ian Jeffers (CVSNI)

Session 1 – Victims and Victimhood

  • Mark Kelly (Wave)
  • Eva Willems (Marburg)
  • James Gallen (DCU)
  • Pete Murtagh (SEFF)

Chair: Kieran McEvoy (QUB)

Session 2 – Reparations for Armed Conflict

  • Kevin Hearty (QUB)
  • Ruben Carranza (ICTJ)
  • Kieran McEvoy (QUB)
  • Stephen Oola (RJMEC)

Chair: Anna Bryson (QUB)

Session 3 – The Role of Civil Society and other organisations in Supporting Reparations

  • Paul Gallagher (Wave)
  • Julie Guillerot (GSF)
  • Andrée Murphy (RFJ)
  • Igor Cvetkovski (former IOM)
  • Peter Dixon (Brandeis)

Chair: James Gallen (DCU)

Session 4 Launch of the Belfast Guidelines on Implementing Reparations

  • Alejandra Vicente (Redress)
  • Clara Sandoval (GSF/Essex)
  • Luke Moffett (QUB)

Chair: Ruben Carranza

Arts & Humanities Research Council
Queens University Belfast