Rally for peace in Colombia

Colombia has enacted a series of reparation laws dealing with responsibility of both state and non-state actors.

With the peace agreement with FARC and political negotiations ongoing with the ELN, Colombia now has one of the largest reparation programmes in the world with $29 billion marked for over 7.6 million victims through the Unit for Comprehensive Reparation and Care of Victims slated to run until 2021.

In addition, one innovative feature of the Colombian reparation programme has been the responsibility of members of paramilitaries to contribute financially (e.g. via the seizing of assets) and disclose the truth in relation to crimes in which they were involved, in exchange for reduced sentences.


We have written two reports on reparations in Colombia and another on alternative sanctions at the JEP.

Photo Credit: Robert Thiviergedam
Arts & Humanities Research Council
Queens University Belfast