Protest in Nepal Painting by Dutch artist Martin Travers. Balmy Alley Murals, San Francisco. Frescoes of protest and revolución. Feb 201

Reparations in Nepal have stalled, despite efforts to deal with the past through a comprehensive transitional justice process.

A number of former Maoist guerrilla groups, some of which were responsible for atrocities, have since become the government of Nepal. Reparations were proposed as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2006, but have yet to be properly implemented.

Some support has been provided by international actors in the guise of development through the World Bank’s Interim Relief Program in 2008, which has assisted tens of thousands of victims through compensation and scholarships.


We have written one report ‘From Redress to Relief’ on reparations in Nepal.

Photo Credit: Robert Thiviergedam
Arts & Humanities Research Council
Queens University Belfast