The project team produced a series of outputs over the lifetime of the project. These are aimed at both local and international users, regardless of their academic background. They include:

  • Guidelines & handbooks RRV

    These Guidelinesare designed to share good practice with State and non-State actors on the implementation of effective reparations in post-conflict situations, with the aim of overcoming common challenges identified in extensive research and fieldwork conducted in several societies affected by armed conflict. Read the rest →

    AccountabilityAmnestyApologyComplex victimsCorporate actorsCultural propertyDonors/DevelopmentCompensationGuarantees of Non-RecurrenceMeasures of SatisfactionRehabilitationRestitutionHistoric harms/ injusticeNon-State Armed GroupsReintegrationAssetsTrust FundResponsibilityTransitional JusticeTruth RecoveryVictim ParticipationVictimhoodChild SoldiersDisplacementESC violationsSeverely InjuredSexual violence/CRSVTorture
  • Guidelines & handbooks RRV

    Handbook on Civil Society Organisations and Donors Engagement on Reparations

    This handbook is directed at civil society organisations (CSOs) and donors involved in reparations processes. Read the rest →

  • Guidelines & handbooks RRV

    Handbook – Engaging Non-State Armed Groups on Reparations

    This handbook is produced as part of the ‘Reparations, Responsibility and Victimhood in Transitional Societies’ project – a three year project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Read the rest →

    AccountabilityAmnestyApologyComplex victimsNon-State Armed GroupsReintegrationTransitional JusticeTruth Recovery
Arts & Humanities Research Council
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