The project team will be producing a series of outputs over the lifetime of the project. These are aimed at both local and international users, regardless of their academic background. They include:

  • Newspaper articles

    Anonymity not a simple solution to pensions for seriously injured victims

    Opinion piece by Luke Moffett appeared in the Irish News 2 October 2019 

    Free Presbyterian Minister David McIlveen (September 28) has suggested that compensation for those seriously injured can be simply solved by making those claiming it anonymous. Read the rest →

    Republic of IrelandUnited Kingdom CompensationVictimhoodSeverely Injured
  • Newspaper articles Daily Monitor

    The conflict in northern Uganda cost the lives of tens of thousands of civilians between 1986 and 2008. Read the rest →

    Uganda Disappearance/Missing
  • Newspaper articles Daily Monitor

    Sunneva Gilmore and Luke Moffett

    At age of 11, Anna (not her real name), was abducted on her way home from school by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

    Read the rest →
    Uganda International Criminal JusticeReparationsSexual violence/CRSV
  • Newspaper articles Katmandu Post

    Thousands of children joined the Maoists or were forcibly recruited during the conflict. Read the rest →

    Nepal Truth RecoveryVictimhoodChild Soldiers
  • Newspaper articles  Kathmandu Post

    One night in 2003, armed men appeared at the door of Ditya (pseudonym) in Bardiya, looking for her husband. Read the rest →

    Nepal Disappearance/Missing
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