The project set out to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the relationship between reparations, responsibility and victimhood in transitional societies.

To achieve this it:

  • Examined five cross-cutting themes in Colombia, Guatemala, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Peru and Uganda of: (1) Eligibility and Complex Victimhood; (2) Reparations, Acknowledgement and Truth Recovery; (3) Victim Ownership, Mobilisation and Participation; (4) Responsibility, Accountability and the State/Non-State Axis; and (5) Finance, Feasibility and Development;
  • Developed a research instrument structured around the themes above and conduct 20 semi-structured interviews in each jurisdiction with key government officials, civil society organisations, victim groups, ex-combatants, legal and political figures; and
  • Conducted a review of the relevant scholarly and policy literature across a range of relevant disciplines that illuminate the five project themes.
Arts & Humanities Research Council
Queens University Belfast